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zCassandra Speaks, Production 2

The Nora Theatre Company began in 1987 with a production of Edna O’Brien’s play, Virginia, about the celebrated author, Virginia Woolf, at the former Lyric Stage space on Charles Street.  We are committed to producing illuminating contemporary and modern classic theater, including new scripts and area premieres, great works of the modern era, and works that speak with a feminine voice on human concerns and endeavors.  We seek works that jostle our hearts and minds, and reveal our common humanity.  Before moving to Central Square Theater in 2008, The Nora also resided at the Harvard Freshman Union, where we established an internship program with Harvard freshmen, and at Boston Playwrights’ Theatre where audiences were introduced to many of the Greater Boston, New England, and World premieres produced by the company.  Also in 2008, we began a collaboration with Girl Talk Theatre, an organization that uses the art of theater to empower poor, homeless, and marginalized women.  Throughout the tenure of Founding Artistic Director Mary C. Huntington, The Nora has received many awards and citations for the outstanding quality of its work, including seven Elliot Norton Awards, five IRNE Awards, and mentions in “Best of” lists from, among others, The Boston Globe, EDGE Boston, and Boston Phoenix.  The Nora also is a recipient of the inaugural 50/50 Applause Award from the International Centre for Women Playwrights.  In the spring of 2013, Ms. Huntington announced that she would step down from the position.  After conducting a national search, the company announced that Lee Mikeska Gardner would become the new Artistic Director.  Ms. Gardner looks forward to building on the artistic contributions the company has made during its first 26 years and to promoting women’s voices and opportunities, as The Nora continues to be a light in Central Square, Cambridge.

Produced Shows
Lynn R. Guerra & Aimee Rose Ranger in HER ACHING HEART. Photo: A.R. Sinclair Photography.

Her Aching Heart

Two actresses portraying every character – including the men who long for them! Bryony Lavery has crafted a satirical romantic potboiler, complete with songs and miracles.

Steven Barkhimer, Lee Mikeska Gardner, and Sophorl Ngin. Design: Bird Design. Photo: A.R. Sinclair Photography.

Emilie: La Marquise du Châtelet Defends Her Life Tonight

Tonight, Emilie du Châtelet, leading physicist (before there was such a word), card shark and all-around bad ass during the Age of Enlightenment returns searching for answers: Love or Philosophy? Head or Heart?

Alexander Cook, Andrew Tung, Lindsy McWhorter, and Yavni-Bar Yam in ARABIAN NIGHTS. Photo: A.R. Sinclair Photography.

Arabian Nights

Enter ancient Persia, and be transformed by the power of storytelling. The Nora Theatre Company and Underground Railway Theater revive their award-winning production (2012 Independent Reviewers of New England Awards for Best Ensemble, Best Puppetry, Best Costumes, and Best Director) of Dominic Cooke’s Arabian Nights.

Celeste Oliva. Actor photo by A.R. Sinclair Photography. Design by Bird Graphics/Sandra Cohen.


Grounded was named a Top 10 Play of 2013 by The Guardian and the London Evening Standard, Grounded was nominated for the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award.

Tod Randolph in CASSANDRA SPEAKS. Photo: Kevin Sprague.

Cassandra Speaks

Acclaimed Shakespeare & Company actress Tod Randolph portrays Dorothy Thompson in this passionate, funny, tell-all about one of the most charismatic women of the 20th century.

Stacy Fischer in INSIGNIFICANCE. Photo: A.R. Sinclair Photography.


It’s 1953. An actress who might be Marilyn Monroe knocks on the door of a dingy hotel room where a Professor – Albert Einstein? – is calculating the shape of the universe. Her husband, a baseball player, is jealous. And a zealous, sweaty Senator is looking for “Reds.” Terry Johnson (of The Nora’s Hysteria) conjures […]

Alexander Cook, Andrew Tung, Lindsy McWhorter, and Yavni-Bar Yam in ARABIAN NIGHTS. Photo: A.R. Sinclair Photography.

Arabian Nights (2013)

Enter ancient Persia, and be transformed by the power of storytelling.

David DeBeck, Angie Jepson, and Debra Wise in Sharr White's THE OTHER PLACE. Produced by The Nora Theatre Company and Underground Railway Theater. Photo: A.R. Sinclair Photography.

The Other Place

Renowned neurologist Juliana Smithton’s life is unraveling: her husband is leaving her and a betrayal has led to an estrangement from her daughter – all while Juliana is in the midst of a medical crisis.

Bill Mootos and Liz Hayes in Alan Ayckbourn's ABSURD PERSON SINGULAR. Produced by The Nora Theatre Company. Photo: A.R. Sinclair Photography.

Absurd Person Singular

Three couples, three kitchens, three Christmas Eves.

The Cast of OPERATION EPSILON. Photo: A.R. Sinclair Photography.

Operation Epsilon

It’s the close of World War II – the dawn of the atomic age. The Allies have captured Germany’s top ten nuclear scientists and sequestered them at Farm Hall– a lavish estate in England – keeping them under surveillance to learn what they know about the American nuclear program and to gauge how close the […]

CST_THATW prod 3

The How and The Why

On the eve of a national conference Zelda (Underground Railway Theater Artistic Director, Debra Wise), an acclaimed evolutionary biologist, is visited by Rachel, an ambitious graduate student. The two women share a zeal for science, a bold and contrarian approach to the male-dominated field, and much more. During the course of the visit, the young […]


We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay!

The Nora speaks to the times with Nobel Prize-winner Dario Fo’s work of politics and hilarity, We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay!.  The housewives have had enough!  Prices are high and getting higher.  It’s time to take things into their own hands since no one else will!  But how to keep their husbands from finding […]


Silver Spoon

Set in the late 1960s, Silver Spoon, the new romantic musical comedy by Cambridge’s Amy Merrill (book) and Si Kahn (music and lyrics), is a love story about the dividing lines of personal convictions and class. Polly Bullock is leading a double life, working by day in her family’s Wall Street brokerage firm while editing […]

Ramona Lisa Alexander and Will McGarrahan in A MOON FOR THE MISBEGOTTEN. Photo: Elizabeth Stewart/Libberding Photography.

A Moon for the Misbegotten

The Nora Theatre Company revives Eugene O’Neill’s enduring masterpiece, bringing together two of his most memorable characters: Josie Hogan, the tough-talking daughter of an Irish immigrant, and Jim Tyrone, first introduced in the autobiographical Long Day’s Journey Into Night. Uniquely funny and poignant, A Moon for the Misbegotten illuminates a search for redemption through an […]


Photograph 51

In 1951, British biophysicist Rosalind Franklin became a research associate at King’s College in London, where her X-ray imaging revealed DNA’s double helix structure, leading to the Nobel Prize for Francis Crick, James Dewey Watson, and Maurice Wilkins. As told with wit and urgency by a chorus of scientists who relive the competitive chase to […]

The cast of ARABIAN NIGHTS. Photo: A.R. Sinclair Photography.

Arabian Nights (2011)

Enter ancient Persia, and be transformed by the power of storytelling. King Shahrayar, after being driven mad by his first wife’s infidelity, brands all women unfaithful. He takes a new bride every night, until he meets Shahrazad, who enchants him with magical tales spanning the globe, winning his love and respect in the process. Based […]

Tina Packer and Nigel Gore. Photo: A.R. Sinclair Photography.

Women of Will

Women of Will, the masterwork of Shakespeare & Company’s Founding Artistic Director, Tina Packer, is the culmination of her decades-long fascination with Shakespeare’s heroines. Through a combination of scenes, monologues, and sparkling commentary, Ms. Packer takes us on a journey, illuminating the evolution of the feminine in Shakespeare’s plays, and in so doing, showing us […]

Richard Snee & John Kuntz in HYSTERIA. Photo: Elizabeth Stewart/Libberding Photography.


Salvador Dali arrives at Sigmund Freud’s house for tea, but what he really wants is to paint the patron saint of Surrealism. But if Freud is convinced that all Surrealists are fools, why would he agree to meet with a lunatic? Meanwhile, a young, attractive student has also arrived, seeking the doctor’s professional opinion, and […]

Lady 1

The Lady With All The Answers

The Nora Theatre Company stages the Boston-Area Premiere of David Rambo’s riotous and touching play about everyone’s favorite advice columnist: Ann Landers. Over the course of a long night in 1975 Chicago, “the lady with all the answers” for others grapples with a dilemma of her own. While revisiting favorite columns on such topics as […]


Not Enough Air

Local playwright Masha Obolensky electrifies with this “vivid” and “riveting” script, in its East Coast Premiere by The Nora Theatre Company. Drawn into the sensational 1920′s murder trial of Ruth Snyder, famed journalist-turned-playwright Sophie Treadwell finds herself compelled to give voice to Ruth’s story through her landmark play, Machinal.

Michael Balcanoff & Joe Lanza in THE CARETAKER. Photo: Elizabeth Stewart/Libberding Photography.

The Caretaker

In celebration of Harold Pinter (1930-2008), described as “the most original, disturbing, and arresting talent,” The Nora Theatre Company brings to life one of his greatest psychological dramas, helmed by Associate Director Daniel Gidron. When an elderly tramp is given lodging in the derelict home of two brothers, the ensuing relationships and shifting alliances intensify […]