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Extended through March 18!
by Anna Ziegler
directed by Daniel Gidron

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In 1951, British biophysicist Rosalind Franklin became a research associate at King’s College in London, where her X-ray imaging revealed DNA’s double helix structure, leading to the Nobel Prize for Francis Crick, James Dewey Watson, and Maurice Wilkins. As told with wit and urgency by a chorus of scientists who relive the competitive chase to be the first to map the DNA molecule, Photograph 51 is the story of the fiercely independent spirit of a young, ambitious scientist and her unsung, trailblazing achievements. Winner of the 2008 Stage International Script Competition for Best New Play About Science & Technology.

Produced by The Nora Theatre Company.

PHOTOGRAPH 51 Talk-In-The-Box Events (post-show events)
Opening Soiree: Sunday, February 12 2PM
Central Conversations: Wednesday, February 15 7:30PM
Artists & Audiences: Thursday, February 16 7:30PM
Scholar Social: Thursday, February 23 7:30PM

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Photograph 51 will be staged in the Long Three-Quarter Thrust Seating Configuration shown here.