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written & directed by Wesley Savick
April 12 - May 13, 2012

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Talk-in-the-Box Events!
Pre & Post Performance Conversations with Scientists, Humanists, & Scholars

At the age of 27, Henry Molaison became frozen in time. After experimental brain surgery, H.M. (as he was known to the scientific community) was unable to form new memories. His personal tragedy became neuroscience’s golden opportunity, contributing more to our understanding of the brain than had been learned in the previous 100 years. A scientific detective story, Yesterday Happened: Remembering H.M. explores the mysteries of his moving story, expanding on them and helping us understand ourselves. This World Premiere is being created in conversation between scientists who studied H.M. and artists: playwright Wesley Savick (Einstein’s Dreams, Tru Grace), composer Tod Machover, and designer Justin Townsend.

Running time: 85 minutes with no intermission.

Produced by Catalyst Collaborative@MIT, a science theater collaboration between Underground Railway Theater & MIT.

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