Join Alan Lightman, co-founder of CC@MIT and author of Einstein’s Dreams, for a discussion after the Thursday, September 28, 2017 performance of Constellations about turning cutting edge science into captivating art.

Alan Lightman is an American physicist, writer, and social entrepreneur. In his scientific work, he has made fundamental contributions to the astrophysics of black holes and to the behavior of matter and radiation under conditions of extreme temperatures and densities. He has served on the faculties of Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and is currently professor of the practice of the humanities at MIT. He is widely known as the author of the international bestseller Einstein’s Dreams. Einstein’s Dreams has been adapted into dozens of independent theatrical productions and is one of the most widely used “common books” on college campuses. Lightman’s novel The Diagnosis was a finalist for the National Book Award. Lightman was the first professor at MIT to receive a joint appointment in the sciences and the humanities. He is the recipient of five honorary degrees. He is also the founder of the Harpswell Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance a new generation of women leaders in Southeast Asia.