Join The Boston Globe Magazine’s Melissa Schorr for her take on the attraction, infidelity, and intimacy in Constellations.

Melissa Schorr is a widely-published freelance journalist and semi-professional matchmaker. As a contributing editor at the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, she edits the popular “Dinner with Cupid” matchmaking column and writes on cultural topics from parenting to adultery. Schorr attended Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and was awarded a Knight Science Journalism Fellowship at M.I.T. She is also the author of two young adult novels, Identity Crisis, about a deceptive online romance, and Guy Crazy, a romantic comedy about interfaith dating. Her upcoming non-fiction title, Shame Nation (Sourcebooks, October 2017), addresses the global epidemic of online shaming. She currently lives outside Boston with her husband, their two daughters, and dog, Bailey. Find her on the web at