Arcadia: A Cosmologist’s View

Join us for a Post-Show Conversation with Dr. Margaret J. Geller as we explore the universe of Arcadia! We’re excited to have Dr. Geller back after her contributions to our Central Conversations last season during the run of Emilie: La Marquise du Châtelet Defends Her Life Tonight.

Dr. Margaret J. Geller is a world-renowned and multi-award winning astrophysicist best know for her pioneering maps of the distribution of galaxies in the nearby universe. These maps opened the era of mapping the universe. Dr. Geller is member of the National Academy of Sciences. She has been widely recognized for her technical and public contributions to science including a MacArthur Fellowship in 1990. She has received 6 honorary degrees, including one recently from Dartmouth College in 2014.

Dr. Geller’s Website: