A Brain & Memory Symposium

Join us for a post-show discussion with MIT PhD Candidate Dheeraj Roy as we discuss the brain and memory in relation to Marjorie Prime!

As a freshman at Drexel University, Dheeraj became involved in several educational outreach and mentoring programs around Philadelphia. While pursuing a dual degree program (B.S./M.S.) in engineering, he mentored West Philadelphia high school students as part of a SAT test preparation program and subsequently assisted in the college application process (Guiding Youth to Careers). As an undergraduate, Dheeraj became interested in research and worked in labs affiliated with the Mechanical Engineering and Biological Sciences departments at Drexel. Along with research, he participated in the Lindy Scholars program where volunteers mentored middle school students to help improve mathematics and literacy skills. On the weekends, he was an active member of the Red Cross disaster relief team and the National Multiple Sclerosis Delaware Valley chapter. Currently, Dheeraj is pursuing a doctoral program in neuroscience at MIT and hopes to remain active in new educational initiatives.