A research linguist, Brodie, receives genetic testing results: her unborn child may never be able to learn a language. Her girlfriend’s unsympathetic; her genetic counselor’s a rookie; her own uncompromising intellect betrays her. Her search for guidance takes her to unexpected places. Three actresses play multiple roles – including a gorilla – in Madeleine George’s irreverent exploration of one of our most fundamental questions: when does too much knowledge get in the way of our basic instincts?

A Catalyst Collaborative@MIT Production

We will have a Diaper Circle collection bin in the lobby during the run of Precious Little. Diaper Circle are a wonderful local charity who supply diapers and wipes to low-income families in need.

Please consider bringing the following with you to donate:

  • new, unopened packs of diapers
  • opened packs of diapers
  • loose diapers (clean, of course!)
  • gift cards to places that sell diapers (to be used only by staff, not given directly to families)
  • unopened containers of wipes
  • rewards points from Huggies (we use these to earn free diapers)

diaper logo