Introducing Frankenstein

Dear Friends,

Welcome to our laboratory! With an amazing team of artists, guided by the visionary David R. Gammons, we have created an incubator in which we explore Mary Shelley’s iconic masterpiece, Frankenstein. Celebrating Mary Shelley’s genius reflects the core of The Nora Theatre Company’s mission. Considering ethical questions Shelley raised activates the social justice mission of Underground Railway Theater. And looking at connections specific to scientific innovation – still pressing 200 years after Frankenstein’s publication – make the play a perfect project for Catalyst Collaborative@MIT. How appropriate an adventure for Central Square Theater!

As part of the event of Frankenstein, the Nora’s That’s What She Said program is offering two plays to round out your experience. On October 22 we will present Helen Edmunson’s Mary Shelley, recounting the tug of war for Mary’s loyalty between Percy Shelley and Mary’s father, William Godwin. On October 23 we will present another play co-written by Mary and Percy – Prosperine and it’s companion Midas. In addition we have a robust line-up of Central Conversations led by authors, scholars and scientists, along with two evenings of short plays penned in response to the play. Visit our website for details and return for any that interest you. We thank our special guests, who have all donated their considerable talents to help us all comprehend the importance of this 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Continuing our season of contemporary takes on classic plays, come back for our next co-production, A Christmas Carol! We have taken another masterpiece and created an new and vibrant adaptation that will help you feel the story as you never have before!

You have the opportunity to shape the society we have created this November. Remember that we are all in this together: if we don’t learn from history we repeat the mistakes of the past. Please vote.

Lee Mikeska Gardner
Artistic Director
The Nora Theatre Company

Debra Wise
Artistic Director
Underground Railway Theater