Name Position
Catherine Carr Kelly Executive Director, Central Square Theater
Lee Mikeska Gardner Artistic Director, The Nora Theatre Company
Debra Wise Artistic Director, Underground Railway Theater
Maggie Moore Abdow Development Manager
Nicholas Peterson Director of Marketing
Taylor Hansen Technical Operations
Thurston Reyes Production Manager
Nopalzin Torres Finance Manager
Andrew Moss Patron Services Manager
Audrey Seraphin Assistant Patron Services Manager
Kortney Adams Education Manager
Audrey Seraphin Community Connectivity Coordinator
Tabitha Becker-Kahn Marketing Associate
Joseph Stein Box Office Associate
Betsy Bard Teaching Artist
Vincent Ernest Siders Teaching Artist
Will Cabell Resident Puppeteer, Underground Railway Theater
David Fichter Resident Designer, Underground Railway Theater
Olivia d'Ambrosio Resident Voice and Text Director, The Nora Theatre Company