Chemystery: Boston Magic Lab

Friday, December 16. 2022 at 8pm


Boston Magic Lab is bringing to Cambridge three national-level magicians. For one night only, you don’t need to fly to the Magic Castle in Los Angeles or to a Las Vegas theater; you just need to get a ticket right here in Central Square. These are magicians at the top of their field & renowned for their skills: showcasing Paige Thompson, Meadow Perry, and Kayla Drescher (as seen on the CW’s Penn & Teller’s Fool Us!)

Chemystery is a Boston Magic Lab production. The Boston Magic Lab is home of The Magic Lab, Boston’s monthly open mic magic show.

Chemistry (noun)

– a science that deals with the composition, structure, and properties of substances and with the transformations that they undergo

– interaction between people working together

Chemystery (noun)

– a transformation undergone by magicians who have spent years perfecting their craft – masters of entertainment & the magical arts

– magicians working so well together that the electricity of their rapport is undeniable

A photographer or videographer will be present and filming/taking photos of the show. Purchasing a ticket conveys consent with being filmed or photographed during your time in the theater.