Titanic Theatre Company Presents

The Return to Morality

By Jamie Pachino


Titanic Theatre Company launches its 2016-17 season with the New England premiere of Jamie Pachino’s The Return to Morality, a hilarious, thought-provoking and uncannily timely tale on the power of speech in politics and how political attitudes can be radically altered by the media. The Return to Morality follows the comedic unraveling of a well-meaning liberal, who becomes caught in a media whirlwind when his satirical book on right-wing extremism is embraced by the very groups he’s lampooning. Hailed as “thought-provoking commentary” by theWashington Post, The Return to Morality is urgently topical in this year’s unique political season.

September 8-25 (Wednesday-Sunday)

Laura Baronet
Alisha Jansky*
Jenny McCartney
Adam Salidi
Phil Thompson
Regine Vital