Meet the team

Tod Machover

Tod Machover, called “America’s most wired composer” by The Los Angeles Times, is known for his innovative compositions as well as for designing new technologies for music. He is the Muriel R. Cooper Professor of Music & Media at the MIT Media Lab, where he directs the Opera of the Future Group. He studied with Elliott Carter and Roger Sessions at the Juilliard School in New York, and he was the first Director of Musical Research at Pierre Boulez’s IRCAM in Paris. Machover is renowned for his pioneering work with Hyperinstruments. Machover is especially recognized for his unusual operas, including the science fiction VALIS, the audience-interactive Brain Opera and the robotic Death and the Powers. He is currently composing a new work for the Toronto Symphony, for which he has invited the whole city of Toronto to collaborate. This “Concerto for Composer and City” will premiere in March 2013.