Meet the team

Caitlin Gjerdrum

Caitlin Gjerdrum (Mrs. Cratchit, Ensemble, Music Captain) is thrilled to be returning to the cast of CST’s A Christmas Carol. A California native, Caitlin has worked with a number of local companies since moving here for college, including Fresh Ink, Flat Earth Theatre, Project: Project, The Open Theatre Project, and Maiden Phoenix. Career highlights outside the Boston area include summer stints at Bread & Puppet in Glover, VT and at Dell’Arte International in Blue Lake, CA. An avid musician, musical theatre actor & consultant, she has also workshopped several new musicals, including Precious Bane (Miriam Raiken-Kolb & GL Horton), Homewrecker (Liz Ruddy & Yicheng Wu), Roswitha (Kevin Bleau & David Schrag), and, on the horizon, The Golden Cage, by Deborah Henson-Conant. Loving thanks to the mentors, collaborators, & co-conspirators who make all of this both possible & worthwhile.

Updated November 2018.