Meet the team

Daniele Tyler Mathews

Daniele Tyler Mathews, they/them/theirs (Costume Designer) is an NYC-based costume designer and drag artist originally from Nashville, TN. Design credits: Hamlet, Oedipus, Julius Caesar, Macbeth, Engaging Shaw, Pericles, and Mary’s Wedding (APT); Hedda Gabler, The Winter’s Tale (Bedlam); I Am My Own Wife (LWT); Trans Scripts: the Women Part I (A.R.T.); NYU’s New Musical Workshops (2017-2019); The Wild Party, The Wiz, L’étoile, Arcadia, King Lear, Fences, and the NYC Trans Theatre Festival. Princess Grace Foundation Theatre Award (2014). MFA in Costume Design, CMU (2015). Upcoming designs: Nine (NYU), Shakespeare’s Will (IRT), Romeo and Juliet (APT). They also design and create custom clothes, including all of their own drag looks, which can be seen on Instagram or TikTok @gloria_swansong.