Meet the team

David Fichter

David Fichter has designed numerous productions over the past 20 years, most recently Car Talk: The Musical!!!, Arabian Nights (2011 IRNE Award, Best Puppetry with Will Cabell), From Orchids to Octopi, The Life of Galileo, Alice’s Adventures Underground (1998 IRNE Award, Best Design), States of Grace, and The Tempest. Primarily, David paints colorful, figurative murals celebrating the diversity of cultures, the history of communities, and the importance of nature. He has worked collaboratively with neighborhood groups, schools, towns, and cities across the country to create over 200 large-scale public murals. For the past 18 years, David has worked with teens from the Mystic Housing Project in Somerville and local science educators to paint The Mystic River Journey, an ever-expanding mural about the Mystic River watershed.