Meet the team

Ken Yotsukura

Ken Yotsukura he/him (Chorus) is a Japanese-American actor and professional photographer. Originally from the DC area, Ken moved to Boston to attend drama school where he started his own business at 18 years old. Since then, he has balanced two careers as an actor and photographer full-time, often running back and forth between auditions and shoots. You can check out his work below. Recent credits include New Repertory Theatre: The Normal Heart (Craig/Hiram), Central Square Theatre: The Chinese Lady (Atung, u/s), PURE (Chris), The Theatre Offensive: SWAN (Brad), Wheelock Family Theatre: Make Way for Ducklings (Lack/ens) – workshop. Nominated for BroadwayWorld’s Best Performer in a Streaming Musical (2022 Regional Awards). Education: Boston University: BFA in Theatre Arts, ActorsStudio at Pinewood Studios London: Screen Acting Diploma. @kenyotsukura @kbyphotos