Meet the team

Liliane Klein

Liliane Klein (Charwoman/Mrs. Cratchit/ Mrs. Fezziwig) Central Square Theater: debut; A long time fan of the thoughtful and progressive work that has honored this space, Liliane is beyond thrilled to finally join forces on stage with these amazing local artist collaborators who so generously contribute their talents to the Boston Theatre community! Regional: SpeakEasy Stage Company (MA), Commonwealth Shakespeare Company (MA), New Repertory Theatre (MA), Majestic (MA), Greater Boston Stage Company (MA), Fiddlehead (MA), NextDoor (MA), Foothills (MA), LongWharf (CT), Ivoryton (CT), CT Free Shakespeare (CT), Aurora (CA), . NYC: Lincoln Center, New York City Opera, Urban Stages, NYMF, Musicals Tonight!, La Mama E.T.C.. Tours: Titanic, Scrooge. Film: Ghost Light, Super Troopers 2, Men in Black 3. TV: HOT3 Israel mini series, Ananda, Kid Fitness on PBS. Training: Boston University SOT. Proud member of AEA and SAG-AFTRA. It truly takes a village and I am so so grateful for mine. Thanks and love always to my amazing husband Matt and our entire wonderful family in body and spirit, my teachers, CFS, Friends, Fans, and YOU! #choosejoy #playthelove