Meet the team

Paul S. Benford-Bruce

Paul S. Benford-Bruce: (Uncle) after a brief hiatus, Paul is thrilled to make his debut with the Underground Railway Theatre. Other credits include: August Wilson play reading series, UMass, Boston, (Eddie), Duck And Cover at The West End Studio Theatre, Portsmouth, NH, (Crime Scene Witness) PBS  Documentary, Brains On Trial, hosted by Alan Alda, (Imam) in The Moment at The Apollinaire Theater, Chelsea Ma. (Father) in Write Something for Me, The Apollinaire Theater, (Cheswick) in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest at The Player’s Ring, Portsmouth, NH, (Judge Rufus B. Hayes) in Oy Yea, Oy Vey, Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, (won best play in the 2010 Playwrights’ Platform 38th Annual Festival of New Plays, (Chuck) in Stories I Never Told My Daughter at Players’ Ring, (Crooks) in Of Mice and Men at the Players’ Ring, (The Teacher) in The Visit, Apollinaire In The Park,  (Midge) in I’m Not Rappaport at the MillPond Center for The Arts, Durham, NH.  Love you Tanishpas.