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A Post-Show Conversation with Reverend Dr. Christian Brocato and Peter Littlefield

Please join us for a post-show conversation with Reverend Dr. Christian Brocato & Peter Littlefield as we explore the intersection of religion and theater in Mr g.

The Reverend Dr. Christian Brocato is the Rector of Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church on Mass. Ave in Central Square. He holds a Masters in Theology as well as a PhD in Musicology with a concentration in liturgy and sacred music. He has served in several parishes as well has been a professor and guest lecturer in several colleges. He has a passion for theater and views the liturgy of the Church as a kind of well choreographed theater with lots of important moving parts, dialogue, music and preaching. He has greatly enjoyed the CST productions this year, his collaboration with Peter Littlefield from Saint Peter’s and CST, and is very excited about Mr g.

Peter Littlefield is a stage director, dramaturg and writer. He has spent the last 30 years deconstructing operas at major companies in the United States and Europe. Handel’s Partenope, which he co-directed with Christopher Alden at the English National Opera, won the Lawrence Olivier Award. He has written and staged many original works, including, most recently, “Doctor Schweitzer’s Practical Heart” – with members of the Annisquam Village Church in Gloucester. He teaches playwriting at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education.