A Post-Show Conversation with Dr. J.L.A. Garcia

Please join us for a post-show discussion with Dr. J.L.A. Garcia as we discuss the philosophical side of Mr g.

After receiving his doctorate from Yale in 1980, Dr. J.L.A. Garcia, a Mass Humanities Scholar for Mr g, taught in the philosophy departments of Notre Dame, Georgetown, and Rutgers universities before Boston College; in 2007 he was Visiting Professor in MIT’s Department of Linguistics & Philosophy.  A past member of the Boards of the Society of Christian Philosophers and the American Catholic Philosophical Association, Prof. Garcia was a member of the Executive Committee of the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association, on whose Committee on Hispanics he earlier served and whose Committee on Blacks he has chaired, as well as the Boards of University Faculty for Life and the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture. He is currently President of the American Catholic Philosophical Association.