Page to Stage


Page to Stage, Underground Railway Theater’s playwriting program designed for grades 3-12, promotes literacy, writing skills and cross-curricular connections through the craft of playwriting. Page to Stage offers teaching artist led classroom workshops, a comprehensive curriculum designed in tandem with classroom teachers, professional development, and performances of student work at Central Square Theater. Since 2006, Page to Stage has served move than 1000 students across three school districts in more than 40 classrooms.

URT is committed to offering residencies that speak to individual school and classroom cultures and will happily work directly with each interested school to craft an appropriate adaptation of Page to Stage.

A glimpse of a Page to Stage Residency:

  • Individual/Team meetings between Teaching Artists and Classroom Teachers to outline Program
  • Planning and Program Evaluation—scheduled at the Classroom Teacher’s convenience
  • Integration of the program as tool into an existing curriculum topic/unit of school/teacher choosing
  • Commitment to team teaching model with Page to Stage artists, whereby the classroom teacher continues instruction between the artists’ visits
  • Program launched with a performance from URT’s professional Mainstage repertoire
  • Teacher Participation in a Planning Retreat (pdp eligible)
  • (10-12) 60-75 minute In-School Workshops taught by URT artists, leading each participating student through the playwriting process: getting started, writing the first draft, revision through performance
  • Written and Verbal response to pre and post Evaluation Surveys
  • Young Playwrights Festival where student work will be staged and performed by professional theater artists at Underground Railway Theater’s home, Central Square Theater.