12 ANGRY PEOPLE with Robin Abrahams

An acting workshop with observers

How often do you define yourself by your defense mechanisms? Categorically there are 10 major defense mechanisms, and through any of those lenses (or a combination thereof) an actor can approach the text of a character. Robin Abrahams will be leading a workshop exploring how we get defensive and how to use this as an actor’s tool using the text from Reginald Rose’s 1964 classic Twelve Angry Men.

Robin Abrahams is a writer, actor, and psychologist best known for her “Miss Conduct” column in the Boston Globe Sunday magazine.  A longtime research associate at Harvard Business School, Robin’s areas of interest include career transitions, organizational behavior, and the psychology of storytelling. Recent acting credits include “The Clearing” with Hub Theatre, “All My Sons” with Praxis Stage, and “She Kills Monsters” with Theatre@First.