Director – Cassie Chapados

Development – this play will come to us directly on the heels being part of The Kennedy Center Summer Playwrights Intensive 2019

When Freckles, a high school junior, innocently shows her friends a selfie of her and their sexy English teacher Mr. Murphy, she unwillingly sets herself into a social and social media tailspin. The dominos begin to fall as mean girl with a grudge, Laser, steals Freckles’ phone and posts the photo online, the school’s beloved English teacher gets fired, and Freckles gets kicked off student government, her ticket to a stellar college application and popularity. Set entirely in the girls’ bathroom of a high school in an average town, six teenagers are faced with decision to stand with Freckles and fall into social suicide, or to save face and join the ranks of popular opinion, believe that Freckles a slut and must be destroyed!

This play tackles who is believed in the world of #metoo, and how much messier it is to be a teenager in the age of social media.