Meet the team

Deniz Khateri

Deniz Khateri (Queen, Ensemble) started her career as an actress and director in Tehran, Iran. Some of her recent productions since she moved to Boston in 2013 include Orestes by Euripides (actor-Mansfield Theatre 2015),  Blind Owl (actor-BETC), Actor as Instrument by Gardzenice Company (workshop production by Iran & Poland-2015), Dinner with the Devil ( director- Berklee College of Music-2015), Zahhak: A Play from the Persian Book of Kings (actor-BETC 2015),  The Apartment (playwright/director-BETC 2015), The Triangle (actor- Theatre Kapow 2014), Frankenstein (actor-Footlight Club’s 2014),  The First King: A Play from the Persian book of Kings (actor-BETC 2014), Red-Breasted swallows in Blueberry Land (playwright/director-Boston Playwrights Theatre and MIT 2014).  Ms. Khateri also teaches workshops on “Theatre and creativity for daily life“. She is more than honored to be a part of Arabian Nights.