Meet the team

Catherine Alam-Nist

Catherine Alam-Nist (Assistant Director) is a director/designer/theologian based in whichever institutional library she is currently haunting. Her present work focusses on analysing and reimagining contemporary Western directorial practice through the lens of Jewish theories of relationality and communion, particularly inspired by the work of Martin Buber and Jerzy Grotowski. She recently graduated magna cum laude from Yale College, where she pursued this line of research in two intertwining senior thesis projects: one in Judaic Studies entitled ‘The Body is the Garden of the Soul: Rituals as Performance, Performances as Rituals (In Specifically Jewish Context)’, alongside directing an immersive, female/non-binary-centred production of Angels in America: Perestroika to put this conceptual work into creative practice. She is truly over-the-proverbial-moon to be assistant directing one of her favourite musicals, especially with such a stellar cast and production team. She would like to thank Lee and Jo for their kindness and support, and hopes that the audience enjoys doing the time warp again (again) as much as she has.