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Stephen Lewontin

Stephen Lewontin (Miniature Buildings) is a photographer, painter, and engineer who has collaborated for more than 20 years with the Underground Railway Theater on puppets and sets for numerous productions, including Creation, Alice’s Adventures Underground, Galileo, and Arabian Nights. In 2013 he designed and built a 15-foot tall puppet of Toussaint L’Ouverture for the URT production of Roots of Liberty, starring Danny Glover as Toussaint. The village of miniature houses for the set of A Christmas Carol is the product of a lifelong fascination with the department store holiday window displays, model train sets, dioramas, and other miniature glowing worlds. Stephen’s photographs have been published in many newspapers and magazines around the world, including The New York Times, The Boston Review, and Popular Photography. He was winner of the 1984 Boston Globe and Kodak International photography prizes.

As of November 2017.