Meet the team

Thurston Reyes

Thurston, production manager, has several years experience in production in the New York Metropolitan area. Most recently he was the production manager with the Harlem Arts Festival. He has also served as manager of production and technical director at The Riverbank State Park Cultural Center and other venues such as the Tribeca Performing Arts Centre, The LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, NJPAC in Newark New Jersey, and The Cross Roads Theater Company.

Thurston is also is an AUDELCO award winning lighting designer.  His collaborations with performance artists include Indian Blood and My Father and The Wars with Robbie McCauley; Zeitgeist ’99 and Chronotapestry with Ichiro Kishmoto; and The Alchemist’s Hands with Mie Makishima.  Thurston’s designs have been showcased internationally with the Theater of Movement and Images’ A Day In The Life of a Hysterical Woman at the Sankorn Festival in Karlsrue, Germany.

His dance credits feature Dance America, Honi Coles and the Copastetics, Black Pearl Dance, Creative Outlet Dance and Essence Footprints Dance Company.

Thurston’s work includes his role as the Associate Lighting Designer with Melody Beal for Judith Sloan’s Yo Miss at the Nuyorican Poets’ Café.  He served as the Assistant Lighting Designer for Keiko Fuji Dance Company and for Dance Africa at BAM with William H. Grant III.