One play, two completely different ways, with the same five actors.

Bedlam returns to Central Square Theater after last season’s Saint Joan, specializing in classical revivals that are both radically innovative and winningly playful. This year they bring their successful Twelfth Night playing in rep with… itself.

Two different versions of the same play, both of them staged by the same director, Eric Tucker, and performed by the same five-person cast, whose members share between them all 12 parts!

What’s the difference between Twelfth Night and What You Will?
Twelfth Night, performed in street clothes, is a drunken debauch that strips away much of the laughter… radically innovative and winningly playful.” – The Wall Street Journal.

Subscribers may select either Twelfth Night or What You Will as one production in their subscription package. Both productions are available to be purchased through subscription benefit add-on tickets.

Those shows were celebrations of the narrative power and resourcefulness of theater at its most elemental. The Bedlam variations on “Twelfth Night” are of subtler and deeper ambition. They use a minimal ensemble in two productions to explore the mutability that any great work of art possesses — and the way we ourselves change such art by the different ways we look at it.
— Ben Brantley, The New York Times
To present two completely dissimilar stagings of one of Shakespeare’s best-loved plays in rotating repertory is the kind of “obvious” idea that only the most daring of artists would try.
— Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal