by Liana Asim
Directed by Pascale Florestal
August 26, 7:00pm
Main Stage

“Bedfellows” offers a peek into the bedroom window of Abe Lincoln and Joshua Speed, his roommate and most “intimate companion.” On January 1, 1841, Speed induces Lincoln to end his engagement to Mary Ann Todd. Lincoln, guilt-ridden, slides into a state of depression. Speed adds to Lincoln’s despair when he announces that he is selling his business, moving back to Kentucky and reveals his engagement to Fanny Henning. Lincoln discovers a letter from Speed’s mother suggesting that Lincoln is prone to “streaks of lavender” and that Speed’s reputation will be ruined if he continues to fraternize with a man of such common heritage. Melancholy breeds self-destruction as Lincoln puts a pistol to his skull. At the end of the day Lincoln’s life and his friendship with Speed are spared.