Underground Railway Theater: Engine of Delight and Social Change – an eBook

Thursday, September 16th, 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Central Square Theater

Founding Artistic Director Wes Sanders will be in town to celebrate a rare achievement. Not many theaters have been active for 40+ years, as Underground Railway has been, and fewer have an eBook complete with videos chronicling its first 20 years of touring its original repertoire nationally and abroad.

Diego Arciniegas, Wes Sanders, Debra Wise, actors Valerie Stephens.

Join Wes, Underground Railway Artistic Director Debra Wise, actors Valerie Stephens and Diego Arciniegas (and some surprise guests!) for stories of adventure and misadventure from the road, and excerpts from cabarets, comic satires, plays tangling with politics, and puppet spectacles performed with symphony orchestras.

Purchase the eBook online at URTheaterEBook.com