Einstein’s Dreams is wry and wild, funny and intellectually stimulating, provocative and surprisingly moving. Alan Lightman’s best-selling novel has inspired dozens of theatrical productions – Savick’s, premiered by Underground Railway Theater in 2007, is Lightman’s favorite. Set in Switzerland, 1905, the play portrays Einstein, a modest patent clerk in a new marriage, struggling to make ends meet while in the back of his mind re-conceiving time. Einstein’s Dreams reveals Einstein’s imagination as he completes his Theory of Relativity, envisioning many possible dimensions of time, posing tangled, absurd and poetic worlds that illustrate the tragedy and beauty of the human condition. Music is by Evan Harlan. Alan Lightman will lead conversations about the play after the November 18 and 20 performances; after almost every other performance, conversations will be led by actors from the cast and scientists from MIT and Harvard.