Machetes… Rock ‘n’ Roll… Burma Shave… Dwight D. Eisenhower… audiences will discover the unpredictable land of Terra Incognita with three intrepid women explorers who can never be quite sure where – or when – their next steps will lead them when. On the Verge is written by Eric Overmyer, directed by Wesley Savick, and stars Deanna Dunmyer, Alicia Kahn, Anna Waldron, and Barlow Adamson.  Eric Overmyer’s vividly imaginative On the Verge(or The Geography of Yearning) follows the adventures of three fiercely independent Victorian women explorers as they spin through time from 1888 to 1955. As they embark on their trek to an unknown land, it becomes apparent that they are not on an ordinary expedition. While traversing the geography of yearning, they discover within themselves a powerful pull towards the future, absorbing knowledge while they travel through time.  Through their encounters with a kaleidoscope of unlikely characters, they satisfy their need for adventure in a journey of wildly unpredictable discovery. Full of pop culture references from the late nineteenth century to the mid 1950’s On the Verge is a play that is both joyfully feminist as well as a masterpiece of rhythm and word. It has become one of Overmyer’s most popular works, due to its heightened, dynamic interplay of language and the smart, comic insight into nineteenth century women and culture.