Alice’s Adventures Underground, an adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic works, takes adults and children down rabbit holes and through mirrors into worlds seen best when looked at upside down. Written by Underground Railway Theater Artistic Director Debra Wise in collaboration with the company, and directed by Dev Luthra, with music by Roger Miller and Evan Harlan, the play brings audiences on an adventure with Alice as she seeks the key to the garden in all the wrong places. This production lights up parallels between adult idiosyncrasies and Carroll’s characters: Alice can’t control her growing and shrinking, her aging, or her temper. Featuring outrageous puppets and a set of hand-painted silk, Alice won a 1998 IRNE award when created to honor Carroll on his 100th anniversary. Ten years later, Underground Railway Theater presents a newly revised holiday production. There will be post performance conversations after the November 4 and 5 performances, with members of the cast joined by specialists in how to live a sane family life in an insane world, and after the November 5 and 7 matinees, audience members are invited to a family tea party (details below).