If you are looking for the 2016-17 Season production of Matchless & The Happy Prince, please visit that production page.

“On an island so far north that it snowed from September to April, a boy named Frederik kept himself warm by keeping a secret…”

In 2008, National Public Radio asked Gregory Maguire (Wicked) to compose an original story with a Christmas theme. Thus was born Matchless, a rekindling of Andersen’s classic tale of the Little Match Girl from a surprising point of view. The Happy Prince, written by Oscar Wilde for his children, celebrates an unlikely friendship with his signature wit, humor, and heart. Both stories are intimately staged with actors and puppets. All ages are invited to discover life’s magic transformations: how love makes a family-and imagination finds beauty-in the most unexpected places.

Matchless and The Happy Prince are not part of any subscription package.