Catalyst Collaborative@MIT

The Cast of OPERATION EPSILON. Photo: A.R. Sinclair Photography.

The Cast of OPERATION EPSILON. Photo: A.R. Sinclair Photography.

There are two things that are true about living in this time and region: we are among the brightest scientific minds in the world and the distance between science and the essential questions of our humanity grows shorter every day.

Catalyst Collaborative@MIT
, a collaboration between Central Square Theater and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is the nation’s only on-going partnership between a professional theater company and a world-class research institution. Each season, URT or The Nora produces at least one play that opens the door between art and science and pushes us to expand our vision of the future, framed by real-time encounters with scientists who are changing our world.

The CC@MIT Student Advisory Council engages in the intersection of science, theater, and the ongoing issues surrounding both fields from a fresh and budding academic perspective. The Council organizes platforms for further engagement with Central Square Theater and the local scientific community. By providing an opportunity for experiential learning, sharing, and professional development, the Council creates and supports a diverse network of the next generation of versatile artists, scientists, and thinkers. The student council is made up of students and recent alumni from local universities. Council members come from a variety majors in STEM and visual and performing arts, but are all willing to explore the intersections between these fields. If you are interested in joining the Student Advisory Council, please contact Audrey Seraphin at

2016-17 CC@MIT Student Advisory Council Members

Zena Chatila
Samantha Harper
Daniel Mirny
Allison Schneider
Tess Torregrosa


Join us for the CC@MIT plays of the 2016-17 Season:


Catalyst Collaborative@MIT is also producing Both/And at the MIT Museum from April – August, 2017. Both/And is an inventive one-act play by Patrick Gabridge, written to accompany the upcoming exhibition, Cosmic Bell.  Part comedy, part poetry, and all inquiry into a major scientific experiment taking place right now, the play seeks to explain the basic tenets of quantum physics.  Full Schedule of Performances here.