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About Catalyst Collaborative@MIT

Catalyst Collaborative@MIT (CC@MIT) is a unique collaboration between MIT and Central Square Theater (CST), located only blocks from the MIT campus. CC@MIT is dedicated to creating and presenting plays that deepen public understanding about science, while providing artistic and emotional experiences not available in other forms of dialogue about science. CC@MIT is committed to furthering approaches for investigating science and technology as part of the fabric of theater and life. Through performances and conversations with scientists and artists, CC@MIT:

  • engages audiences in thinking about themes in science and technology of social and ethical concern;
  • provides insight into the culture of science and its impact on our society;
  • examines the human condition through the lens of science and technology that intersects our lives, and the lives of the scientists whose work changes our world.

MIT, a world-class educational institution focused on science and technology, also boasts a faculty and administration fully committed to interdisciplinary inquiry. In recent years, the administration has encouraged and funded initiatives that cut across disciplines in science, technology, the humanities, social sciences and the arts. Spearheaded by the Office of the Associate Provost and the MIT Museum, MIT has demonstrated its deep commitment to public engagement in science and technology.

CST’s two resident professional companies have a combined track record of 50 years of excellence: Underground Railway Theater creates plays through interdisciplinary inquiry and community engagement; The Nora Theatre Company produces illuminating contemporary and modern classic theater, and champions the voice of women.

Pairing MIT’s expertise in science and technology and CST’s commitments to artistic excellence, cross-disciplinary collaboration and community involvement, CC@MIT strives to make significant contributions to the growing field of science theater. Connections to primary research concerns at MIT affords CC@MIT the opportunity to authentically convey the challenges and rewards of scientific enterprise to a wide and growing general audience.

Janet Sonenberg, Chairman, Music & Theater Arts, MIT
Debra Wise, Artistic Director, Underground Railway Theater
Alan Brody, Playwright, Professor of Theater, MIT

Artistic Co-Director
Alan Lightman, Author, Physicist, Professor of Science Writing, MIT

Philip Khoury, Director, Associate Provost, MIT
Claude Canizares, Associate Provost, MIT. Bruno Rossi Professor of Physics, MIT
Robert Desimone, Director, McGovern Institute for Brain Research, Berkey Professor of Neuroscience MIT
John Durant, Director, MIT Museum
Jerome Friedman, Institute Professor of Physics Emeritus, 1990 Nobel Laureate
Owen Gingerich, Professor Emeritus of Astronomy and History of Science, Harvard University
Nancy Hopkins, Amgen, Inc. Professor of Biology, MIT
Mary C. Huntington, Artistic Director, The Nora Theatre Company
Robert L. Jaffe, MIT Morningstar Professor of Physics, MacVicar Faculty Fellow, MIT
Leila Kinney, Director of Arts Initiatives, Office of the Associate Provost, MIT
Natalie Kuldell, Biological Engineering, MIT, Coalition for the Public Understanding of Science (COPUS)
Alan Guth Cosmologist, Weisskopf Professor of Physics, MIT
Irene Porro, Director, Youth Astronomy Program, MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research
Kate Snodgrass, Artistic Director, Boston Playwrights Theatre
Melanie Wallace, Senior Producer, NOVA
Jason Weeks, Executive Director, Cambridge Arts Council

Honorary Member
Eric Lander, Director, Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard, CoChair, President Obama’s Advisory Council on Science and Technology


To support CC@MIT through MIT, please visit the MIT Giving site here.