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On the Verge

(or The Geography of Yearning)

Machetes.  Rock ‘n’ Roll.  Burma Shave.  Dwight D. Eisenhower. 
Discover the unpredictable land of Terra Incognita with three intrepid women explorers who can never be quite sure where – or when – their next steps will lead them...

by Eric Overmyer
Directed by Wesley Savick

May 28 - June 21
Wed & Thu: 7:30pm
Fri & Sat: 8:00pm
Sun: 3:00pm

Adults - $32
Seniors - $22
Students (with valid ID) - $18
Student Rush (day of) - $12

Meet the ladies of Terra Incognita!

Fanny Mary Alexandra


“I introduced croquet to the headhunters of the headwaters of the Putamayo… Of course, I insisted they use only regulation wooden balls…The rascals were always batting their latest trophies about. I was strict. They respected me for that.”

The middle and most conservative of the three, Fanny is the only married member of the group. When she travels she leaves her husband in Terre Haute, but she never forgets to pack her no-nonsense attitude and a proper skirt.


“I feel the rare air of Terra Incognita working its way upon me like acid on an old coin, the tarnish of the past dissolving in a solvent of iridescent light.”

The oldest of the three, exploration is Mary’s calling in life. An unmarried anthropologist from Boston whose “metier” is Africa, she has a particular curiosity about the sexual customs of the natives. Accustomed to traveling solo, she is instinctively devoted to studying and experiencing her surroundings.


“Funny word, native. Native. Native. Image. Native. Image-native. Imaginative. I am a native of the image. An indigene of the imagination. Gone native.”

The youngest of the group, Alex is a daydreamer with a poet’s tongue. She plays with words, rhymes, and meanings, and dreams of being a lyricist. She is fascinated with her Tibetan adventures but less experienced with jungles. Alex is looking for the most enjoyable era for herself, perhaps one in which she can wear trousers.

L-R: Alicia Kahn, Deanna Dunmyer, Anna Waldron
Photos courtesy Elizabeth Stewart

Video features Barlow Adamson, Deanna Dunmyer, Alicia Kahn, Anna Waldron.
Interview of Wesley Savick by Jordan Rich on WBZ-AM.
Set: Ryan McGettigan, Costumes: Jacqueline Dalley, Lights: Steven McIntosh, Sound: Matt Griffin, Props: Sacha Shawky