Ulysses Lincoln, a Gulf War veteran lost at sea and presumed dead, fights to find his way back home to his wife and son. The meddlesome Gods, Great Grand Daddy Deus and Great Grand Paw Sidin have other plans in mind as they battle for control of Ulysses’ fate. Presented in October 2017 in the God’s Closet Reading Series by The Front Porch Arts Collective, black odyssey melds together Greek mythology, African-American oral history and music in this visionary new take on Homer’s classic tale.

A co-production by The Front Porch Arts Collective & Underground Railway Theater.





Sisters In Stitches Joined By The Cloth Gallery

Come see the beautiful quilts created by Sisters In Stitches Joined By The Cloth, now featured in the Central Square Theater lobby. SISJBTC  have exhibited their work in galleries, colleges, churches, and craft shows thoughout New England, and  we are thankful to have them on view at CST through the run of black odyssey boston, closing May 19.


“The Guild meets every third Saturday of each month at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Arlington  to sew, share ideas and techniques and to celebrate our love of quilting. SISJBTC guild members reside in the greater Boston area, Southshore, Metrowest including Springfield and Worcester. We are joined together by our shared experience in quilting which focuses on the African American group’s perspective. 

The art of quilting has traveled across oceans, survived 400 years of slavery and has been carried down by generations of our family and friends. Now it’s up to us to keep the tradition going and to pass it along. Over the centuries,  we of African descent have joined together to make quilts as a way of sharing our joys, sorrows, traditions and to celebrate our history. Quilting connects us to our ancestry, preserves our memories and gives us a way to connect with generations to come. Sisters In Stitches Joined by the Cloth celebrates our heritage and reinforces the link that binds us to our collective history and is our way of contributing and participating in our traditions.”

Learn more at www.sistersinstitches.org