Central Square Theater Board of Directors
Martin Blatt, president; Susan Holtzman, clerk; Allison Coleman, treasurer

Members: Betsy Groban, Mary C. Huntington, Breton Leone-Quick, Linda Lipkin, Lee Mikeska Gardner, Jane Minasian, Carolyn Mugar, Laura Roberts, Debra Wise

The Nora Theatre Company Board of Trustees
Susan Holtzman, chair; Noreen Hurley, treasurer
Mary C. Huntington, Rakel Meir, Lee Mikeska Gardner, Liza Rutenbeck

Underground Railway Theater Board of Directors
Downing Cless, chair; Jim Kaufman, treasurer; Debra Wise, clerk
Betsy Bard, Barbara Lewis, C. Brandon Ogbunu, Melanie Wallace
Honorary Board: Keith Lockhart, Wes Sanders
Advisory Board: Rosie Amador, Linda Nathan

Catalyst Collaborative@MIT
Co-Directors: Alan Brody: Playwright, Professor of Theater, MIT;
Alan Lightman: Author, Physicist, Professor of Writing & Humanistic Studies, MIT;
Janet Sonenberg: Professor of Theater Arts, MIT;
Debra Wise: Artistic Director, Underground Railway Theater

Advisory Board: Philip Khoury (Director): Associate Provost, MIT; Claude Canizares: Associate Provost, Bruno Rossi Professor of Physics, MIT; Robert Desimone: Director, McGovern Institute for Brain Research, Berkley Professor of Neuroscience, MIT; John Durant: Director, MIT Museum; Jerome Friedman: Institute Professor of Physics Emeritus, MIT, 1990 Nobel Laureate; Owen Gingerich: Professor Emeritus of Astronomy & History of Science, Harvard; Alan Guth: Weisskopf Professor of Physics, MacVicar Faculty Fellow, MIT; Nancy Hopkins: Amgen, Inc. Professor of Biology, MIT; Robert L. Jaffe: MIT Morningstar Professor of Physics, MacVicar Faculty Fellow, MIT; David Kaiser: Director and Professor, Program in Science, Technology, & Society and Senior Lecturer, Physics; Leila Kinney: Director of Arts Initiatives, Office of the Associate Provost, MIT;  Natalie Kuldell: Biological Engineering, MIT and Coalition for the Public Understanding of Science; Susan Lindquist: Member, Whitehead Institute and Professor of Biology, MIT; Lee Mikeska Gardner: Artistic Director, The Nora Theatre Company; Irene Porro: Director, Christa Corrigan McAuliffe Center for Education and Teaching Excellence, Framingham State University; Robert Scanlan: Professor of the Practice of Theatre, Harvard University; Melanie Wallace: Senior Series Producer, NOVA WGBH TV; Jason Weeks: Executive Director, Cambridge Arts Council

Honorary Member: Eric Lander: Director, Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard and Co-Chair, President Obama’s Advisory Council on Science & Technology