Two actors. Six characters. Four different courses of action. What will happen next? Master of form Alan Ayckbourn’s (Absurd Person Singular) Intimate Exchanges follows marriages and love affairs in a London suburb. Meet Celia Teasdale, the wife of the drunken headmaster of the local school. And then, there’s Sylvie Bell, Celia’s part-time help, to whom there is more than meets the eye – is she a modern day Eliza Doolittle?

In the opening scene, Celia steps into her backyard and eyes a pack of cigarettes. Her choice leads to one of four possibilities. On alternating performances, you can follow either Celia or Sylvie in their path throughout the play. At intermission, place your vote on how you want the play to end. And, if you don’t like the result, you’ve nobody to blame but yourself!

Bonus: On Saturdays see both paths in the matinee and the evening!

Do you want to purchase tickets to a “Celia” night or a “Sylvie” night? Look at this schedule!