Central Conversations for Constellations

We are excited to offer Pre and Post show Central Conversations with acclaimed artists and scholars for Constellations!

All Central Conversations are open to the public; seats are available on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Missed Connections: An Unfortunate Reading

    Join CST alumni actors for an evening of love and laughs at the Constellations pre-show, Missed Connections: An Unfortunate Reading! Hear local favorites read samplings from the Craigslist Missed Connections page to warm-up for dating in the multiverse. This pre-show event will take place in the Studio.
  • Post-Show Conversation with Dinner with Cupid Editor, Melissa Schorr

    Melissa Schorr is a widely-published freelance journalist and semi-professional matchmaker. As a contributing editor at the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, she edits the popular “Dinner with Cupid” matchmaking column and writes on cultural topics from parenting to adultery. Schorr attended Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and was awarded a Knight Science Journalism Fellowship at M.I.T. Read More.
  • Press Night Celebration for Constellations

    Be amongst the first to see Constellations and join the cast and crew to celebrate with wine and refreshments after the show.
  • Scholar Social for Constellations, with David Kaiser and Alan Guth

    David Kaiser is Germeshausen Professor of the History of Science in MIT's Program in Science, Technology, and Society, and also Professor of Physics in MIT's Department of Physics. He completed an A.B. in physics at Dartmouth College and Ph.D.s in physics and the history of science at Harvard University. Kaiser's historical research focuses on the development of physics in the United States during the Cold War. Read More.

    Alan Guth’s is a theoretical physicist and cosmologist, known mainly for his work on elementary particle theory and how particle theory is applicable to the early universe, and particularly for the idea, which he developed in 1981, of cosmic inflation and the inflationary universe. He is currently serving as Victor Weisskopf Professor of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Read More.
  • Post-Show Conversation with WBUR’s Carey Goldberg

    Carey Goldberg is a health and science reporter on the web and on air for WBUR. She has been the Boston bureau chief of The New York Times, a staff Moscow correspondent for The Los Angeles Times, and a health/science reporter for The Boston Globe. She was a Knight Science Journalism fellow at MIT. Read More
  • Post-Show Conversation with The Boston Globe’s Meredith Goldstein

    Meredith Goldstein is an advice columnist and entertainment reporter for The Boston Globe. Her advice column, Love Letters, is a daily dispatch of wisdom for the lovelorn that has been running online and in the paper for eight years. In 2018 she’ll release two books: Am I Doing It Wrong, a memoir about writing an advice column (Grand Central), and Chemistry Lessons (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt). Read More.
  • Artists & Audiences: Constellations

    After the performance join us for a lively discussion with the cast and crew of Constellations.
  • Pre-Show Beekeeping Symposium

    Rachael Bonoan is a Ph.D. Candidate who studies honey bee nutritional ecology in the Starks Lab at Tufts University. She is interested in how seasonal changes in the distribution and abundance of flowers (i.e. honey bee food!) affect honey bee health and behavior. Rachael is also the President of the Boston Area Beekeepers. Read More.

    Mary Canning owns Follow the Honey, a store at 1132 Mass Ave. in Cambridge that sells bee products from small businesses around the world. She fills an essential need in an time when many bee colonies are in collapse and their loss threatens the future viability of many agricultural products. She is currently exploring the possibility of supporting bee farmers in Africa. Read More.

    Mel Gadd has been keeping bees a little over ten years in Cambridge, MA. He has been involved with the Essex County Beekeepers Association (ECBA) for the past ten years. Mel was the Chair of the ECBA Bee School in 2015. Mel maintains twenty hives, three located in his backyard, three at schools where he works with the 1st and 5th graders as his beekeepers. Read More.

    Susan Goldwitz taught English Literature on the university level for over 10 years, and now teaches in prisons in Massachusetts. She has been a beekeeper for about seven years currently shepherding three hives in the Boston area which thrive under the benevolent reigns of Queen Clare IV, Queen Joan, and Queen Ji-Young. Read More.

    David Kelman has been working as a professional residential Realtor serving the Metropolitan Boston area since 1992. He provides home brokerage services to both buyers and sellers, specializing in historic, green and energy-efficient properties. He has been a hobby beekeeper for many years and is a member of the Boston Area Beekeepers Association (BABA). Read More.
  • Post-Show Conversation with Alan Lightman

    Alan Lightman is an American physicist, writer, and social entrepreneur. In his scientific work, he has made fundamental contributions to the astrophysics of black holes and to the behavior of matter and radiation under conditions of extreme temperatures and densities. He serves on the faculty of MIT. Read More.