UPDATE: This production has been postponed due to recent advances with the COVID-19 Outbreak. Please see “Important Update About Ada and the Enginefor more information.

1835. England. At the dawn of the British Industrial Revolution, Ada Byron Lovelace (daughter of Lord Byron), sees the vast possibility of the “analytical engines” of her mentor, Charles Babbage, inventor of the first mechanical computer. At the intersection of art and information, Ada dreams of the future. With Ada and the Engine, Lauren Gunderson (Emilie La Marquise du Chatâlet Defends Her Life Tonight) has written “a story that is inspiring and absorbing and heartbreaking.” – Cincinnati Enquirer.

Ada and the Engine is part of The Brit d’Arbeloff Women in Science Production Series.
A Catalyst Collaborative@MIT Production.
Produced by Underground Railway Theater

It only took a couple of minutes of Friday’s opening performance of “Ada and the Engine” at the Know Theatre to remind me of why Lauren Gunderson has become the most produced playwright in America's professional theaters.
— David Lyman, Cincinnati.com
The romantic liaison that Gunderson has crafted...delivers one of the loveliest and mature romantic moments I’ve seen on stage
— Christine Deitner, The Theatre Times