2016. Alma and her daughter, Angel, made wishes long ago, among them good health, carne asada, and perfect SAT scores to earn a spot at UC Davis. However, Angel, now 17 and on the eve of that important test, has a different vision of the future. With Alma, the winner of the National Latinx Playwriting Award, Benjamin Benne has crafted a poetic and humorous warm embrace asking the question: Who does the American Dream belong to?

Benne knows how to serve up the sweet, the savory and the bitter, blending the flavors of real family life well to give us a full meal, depicting the bond of love under duress.
— New Haven Review
...the story of immigrants everywhere: how to raise a child with a foot in two cultures – when to insist that parental views represent the best interests of their offspring – and when to let go.
— Splash Magazines
a powerful and moving experience
— Kent Reporter