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Distracted by Lisa LoomerDISTRACTED
By Lisa Loomer
Directed by Wesley Savick
Extended through June 9, 2013
Presented by Underground Railway Theater, a project of Catalyst Collaborative@MIT

Learn More about Central Conversations: Pre & Post Performance Events throughout the run of Distracted.

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Mama is meditating. Her cell phone rings, waking Jesse up. He can’t sit still, swears like a truck driver and is in trouble at school. His teacher says "Attention Deficit Disorder". His doctor blames environmental toxins. Dad says, “He’s just a boy!” Experts are consulted. Ritalin is prescribed. Can a pill solve all of his problems? Mama’s determined to find the - wait, she’s got a text message! And even the actors are having trouble focusing! Is Jesse just a normal kid in an ADD world? Lisa Loomer’s hilarious, provocative and poignant look at a modern family asks: Who’s really distracted?

Distracted contains profanity.


“Lisa Loomer’s Distracted poses questions about culture of medicating children, our relationship with technology, and how it impacts our family relationships. Scientists, humanists, parents and teachers will engage audiences in pre and post performance conversations about how we define health
in our media saturated society.”
Debra Wise
Artistic Director, Underground Railway Theater
Co-Director, Catalyst Collaborative@MIT