Artistic Directors Mary C. Huntington and Debra Wise discuss The Other Place

Mary C. HuntingtonDebra Wise

Welcome to the second co-production of Underground Railway Theater and The Nora Theatre Company!   As sister theater companies at Central Square Theater, we not only bring together our distinct seasons under one roof; we also continue to find ways we can collaborate artistically.  Sharr White’s riveting drama, The Other Place, provides a fitting conduit for each company’s mission.

Underground Railway Theater strives to create theater that “challenges and delights, informs and celebrates.” The Other Place invites us to become sleuths, to help solve a mystery that is both intensely personal and astonishingly pervasive. We very much look forward to the conversations this remarkable play provokes.

The Nora seeks plays that  “jostle our hearts and minds and reveal our common humanity.”   Included are contemporary works that speak with a feminine voice such as The Other Place.  Sharr White’s masterfully constructed script is propelled by the lead character, Juliana, a scientist in a field dominated by men and a woman undergoing a wrenching crisis.  It is a story that we believe is important to be experienced.  Further, we are excited to present another account of a woman in science: Juliana’s story follows that of the fictional character, Zelda, in The How And The Why from last year, and that of the historical figure, Rosalind Franklin, in Photograph 51 from two years ago.

Speaking of collaborations, we couldn’t be happier to have Bridget Kathleen O’Leary, associate artistic director of New Repertory Theatre, at the helm of this project.  She heads up an outstanding team of actors, designers, technicians, and crew.  Our immense thanks go out to her and to them for bringing their remarkable expertise to bear on this exciting production. And much gratitude to Sharr White for writing this play in the first place and giving us the opportunity to share this extraordinary story with our audiences.

Later this year, don’t miss Arabian Nights, our special holiday production, being reprised once again! It is a spectacular feast for the eye and the heart.  And we sincerely hope you consider subscribing to what we think is a remarkable season – more information and a special offer can be found in the lobby.  We look forward to seeing you throughout the year.

Enjoy the show!