Summer Stage


Each summer, Central Square Theater provides training for young people ages 8 and up through classes and intensive programs. Aspiring theater artists learn skills in script analysis, ensemble building, puppetry, mask, and performance, alongside URT Teaching Artists and CST professionals.

This year, all of our Summer Stage classes are online! Virtual sessions will primarily be held via Zoom, with some Teen classes utilizing additional social media platforms as indicated. All students will need access to the internet, and have audio and video capabilities.

If you have questions, or would like help choosing the right class for your child, please contact us at 617-307-4257 or

Scholarships are available; please contact us for details.

Youth, Ages 8 to 12

All youth classes are 10:30AM to 12:30PM, Monday through Friday.
Tuition is $150 per 1-week class

June 29 - July 3 - Acting Funny

Learn a variety of techniques from theater and improv to bring vibrant, hilarious characters to life!

July 6 - 10 - Perspectives on History

Students work together to create theater based on a historical figure that intrigues them. In one week, the class will collaboratively choose and research their character, write a short play, and perform it!

July 13 - 17 - Character Studio

Explore diverse characters from both comedic and dramatic stories, and discover how each actor’s choices can produce distinct and colorful characters.

July 20 - 24 - Modern Mythmaking

Stories like Hansel & Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood were written at a time when the woods were dangerous places, and hungry wolves roamed into towns searching for food. What problems and dangers do youth face today, and how might a 2020 tale tackle them in an innovative, stereotype-busting way? Students take on the roles of playwrights, actors, and designers and work together to imagine and create a new myth for today’s world.

July 27 - 31 - Theater Squad

Theater is a team sport! Discover the skills that performers need to succeed as an ensemble. Learn how to listen, react, communicate, and make decisions with scene partners. Have fun with theater games and exercises to stretch, learn, and grow in creative ways, all with a supportive team!

Aug 3 - 7 - Youth Underground, Jr.

This class brings our award-winning Youth Underground model to the younger generation! Students will learn the basics of investigative theater, gather diverse perspectives from their communities, and write and perform original stories about issues shaping their world right now.

Teen, Ages 12 to 16+

All teen classes are 1PM to 3PM, Monday through Friday.
Tuition is $150 per 1-week class

June 29 - July 3 - Theater Collaborative

Theater is a team sport! Explore the meaning of the word ‘ensemble,’ focusing on the skills that performers need to succeed as a collaborative unit. Develop key techniques of improvisation and storytelling, including how to listen, react, communicate, and make decisions with scene partners. Stretch, learn, and grow in creative ways, all with a supportive team!

July 6 to 10 - Storytelling on Social Media

Interested in creating online content? Ready to share your story with the world? Bring your favorite song, play, comedy routine, or activist manifesto, and learn to create and direct on Zoom, TikTok, YouTube, you name it!

July 13 - 17 - Solo Performance Workshop

Everyone has a story worth telling - come learn how to tell it! Combine techniques from playwriting, movement, poetry, and more to celebrate and share your unique, personal story.

July 20 - 24 - Design & Production: the Stars Behind the Scenes

Students take on the role of the Design team, learning elements of dramaturgy, props, costume design, and more. Find out what it really takes to produce a show!

July 27 - 31 - Shakespeare on Social Media: An Influencer

How do you think Shakespeare's plays might look as social media content? Can you picture Macbeth on TikTok? Juliet on Instagram? Reimagine the Bard's work using acting elements and modern social media.

Aug 3 - 7 - "Angels in America": Scene Study Workshop

Straight from the CST Mainstage, students will delve into scenes and monologues from Tony Kushner's groundbreaking play. Actors will improve their performance skills, tackle tough sociopolitical themes, and reflect on what meaning this play holds for us in 2020. Note: Angels in America tackles some mature themes; this class is designed for students ages 14-18.